In Disarray 045 - Autumns

In Disarray 045 – Autumns

For our 45th podcast we are pleased to welcome Autumns.. with previous releases on Downwards, Clan Destine, and Phormix, his set for us features his upcoming releases on AMOK Tapes, Clan Destine Records and DKA Records and more…. Tracklist: Smith & Mighty – U Dub […]

In Disarray 044 - Shun

In Disarray 044 – Shun

We kick off 2018 with a mix from the Tokyo based artist Shun. The mix features recent music alongside older tracks that inspire his productions, as well as some forthcoming Shun material…. Tracklist: The Cyclist/Inti Lamanna & Rawmance/No Tomorrow Gamma Intel/Theorem X The Hacker/Frozen Voices Hypnobeat/Can […]

In Disarray 043 - Dream Weapons

In Disarray 043 – Dream Weapons

We welcome Dream Weapons, the Athens based DJ and producer, to In Disarray. He is responsible for releasing music as Dream Weapons, Anatolian Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi on some of our favourite labels including Lux Rec, Lurid Music, Fortuna Records and Inner Ear. His mix […]

In Disarray 042 - Curses

In Disarray 042 – Curses

We welcome Curses to In Disarray for our 42nd podcast…. In his own words “In the shadows of lies, crisis, and corruption, there is a calm passage waiting. A truth burrows within the fire that burns. When that fire goes out, and the embers fade, […]

In Disarray 041 - BS-1

In Disarray 041 – BS-1

We welcome the Utrecht Electro producer BS-1 to In Disarray. In his words the set… “consists of tracks by artists I follow for years and utterly respect or tracks I’ve recently discovered. Like that gabber track from Bald Terror for instance. I guess it is […]

In Disarray 040 - ANFS

In Disarray 040 – ANFS

We welcome Athens based ANFS (Modal Analysis, Vanila) For a mix of “edits from old and new tracks, plus upcoming material from Vanila and Kafta, played in a slow pace, trying to recreate the industrial boogie feeling, that sometimes Athens gives you throught the night”. One […]

In Disarray 039 - Santoine

In Disarray 039 – Santoine

We welcome Santoine to, co-owner/founder at Abyssal with releases on various cassette labels such as Night Gaunt Recordings straight from L.A. and Tenebrous Music, who’s DJ-sets are mainly focused on a larger side of punk, wave, techno and house. Upcoming releases: Tenebrous Music—Inner-Turmoil—Invenire […]

In Disarray 038 - Dmitry Distant

In Disarray 038 – Dmitry Distant

We welcome Dmitry Distant to In Disarray. The Latvian artist has developed a reputation for heavy acid, machine funk and electro with releases on Minimum Syndicat, Bass Agenda Recordings, Crimes Of The Future, New York Haunted and more and with a forthcoming release on Helena […]

In Disarray 037 - Jann

In Disarray 037 – Jann

We welcome Jann to In Disarray. Co-founder of the Basement Tales nights in Bordeaux and Paris and member of the 75021 collective, his music has been released on Pinkman Records, Land Of Dance Records and with more in the pipeline… his set for us here […]

In Disarray 036 - Morah

In Disarray 036 – Morah

We welcome Morah to In Disarray. The Athen’s based DJ, party-thrower and producer with releases on Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder label, Berceuse Heroique, Lux Rec and Vanila. He also runs the influential Phormix platform in Athens – a party, an impressive podcast series to […]

In Disarray 035 - Brokntoys

In Disarray 035 – brokntoys

We welcome brokntoys for our 35th Podcast…. Run by founders Kris, Anwar & Athene, Brokntoys has grown into a much loved electro label putting out records by Marco Bernardi, London Modular Alliance, Versalife, Scape One and more. This year will see the birth of eidetic a […]

In Disarray 034 - Penelope's Fiance

In Disarray 034 – Penelope’s Fiance

We welcome Penelope’s Fiance to – a talented producer from Thessaloniki, Greece, with releases on Zender, Out Of Order (with DJ Loser), and forthcoming on Contort Yourself. Follow us –>  


In Disarray 033 – Rolande Garros (tape only mix)

We welcome the Co-owner of MMODEMM, Frankfurt based – Rolande Garros. The set is a tape only mix, made with 2 tape decks, delay and looper. It features a lot of MMODEMM tracks aswell as others from contemporary tape labels, such as Where to now, THRHNDRDSVNTNN, […]


In Disarray 032 – Konx-om-Pax

We welcome Tom Scholefield aka Konx-Om-Pax to In Disarray. His emotive album Caramel on Planet-Mu stood out for us as one of the best albums in 2016. 1. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Dark Slumber 2. Special Request – Transmission 3. Ryan James Ford – Kirra Rengo […]


In Disarray 031 – Da GobliNN

For our 31st podcast we welcome Da GobliNN – over an hour of fist pumping, grubby acid and analogue techno from the Clan Destine Records artist. Tracklist: 1 Fango- Cortex 2 Da GobliNn-Da Magik(original) 3 TRP-Balance 4 Da GobliNN- Gin&Da juice 5 DAJB-1220Allstars Vo.3,Odd Stew […]

In Disarray 030 - Retrograde Youth

In Disarray 030 – Retrograde Youth

Today we turn 30… we welcome Retrograde Youth to the podcast. The promising producer is based in Medellín, Colombia and involved in throwing parties there with Move and Culto aswell as being known for his release on Delta Funktionen’s Radio Matrix. Forthcoming he will release […]

In Disarray 029 - Novacom

In Disarray 029 – Novacom

We welcome Novacom, the NYC-based Seattle-native producer for a live set ahead of his release on Contort Yourself’s CY005 EP alongside JK Flesh and Le Syndicat. Tracklist: (n/a) Follow us –>

In Disarray 028 - Shit And Shine

In Disarray 028 – Shit And Shine

We welcome Shit and Shine to In Disarray this week. The Texan noise and percussion experimentalist, who’s music has found home on Riot, Diagonal and Editions Mego, provides us with a set of tracks exclusively by him. Follow us –>

In Disarray 027 - JK FLESH

In Disarray 027 – JK FLESH

Listen up! On the podcast this week we have JK FLESH. The slow-paced-but-brutal electronics project from Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh, Napalm Death)  which has gathered momentum this year with releases on label heavyweights Electric Deluxe, Hospital Productions, and Downwards. The mix, like the JK Flesh productions, […]

In Disarray 026 - Cold Colors

In Disarray 026 – Cold Colors

We welcome Cold Colors (Lux Rec / Nocta Numerica / Oracula Records) to our podcast. As well as his productions he is known for his selections new-wave/cold-wave radio-style shows, and here he’s put together a selection for us… Tracklist: Linea Aspera – Preservation Bias Sixth June […]

In Disarray 025 - Innsyter

In Disarray 025 – Innsyter

We welcome Innsyter to our podcast for our 25th episode. The Europe-based Brazilian producerss saturated nostalgic lo-fi techno sound has seen him deservedly break through over the last year and has found a home on Delroy Edwards L.A. Club Resource label, aswell as 777 and Bliq […]

In Disarray 024 - Jensen Interceptor

In Disarray 024 – Jensen Interceptor

It’s our 24th mix and we welcome Jensen Interceptor. The Sydney based Electro / Techno producer with stand out tracks on BNR Trax, GND Records and recent excursions on Central Processing Unit. His mix here blends modern low tempo analogue electro and techno from Cute […]

In Disarray 023 - CLFT MILITIA

In Disarray 023 – CLFT MILITIA

For our 23rd podcast we have an all vinyl set from the Lyon based DJs, party throwers and label owners – CLFT MILITIA.  They have a busy summer ahead with DJ dates at Festival Nuits Sonores and Concrete in Paris, as well as local events in […]

In Disarray 022 - Gavin Russom

In Disarray 022 – Gavin Russom

Our 22nd mix is from Gavin Russom. The New York based producer who, after his first synth workouts on DFA and touring with LCD Soundsystem, found a musical home on the likes of L.I.E.S. and LuxRec who have championed his gritty experimental dance floor oriented […]

In Disarray 021 - M (Enfant Terrible)

In Disarray 021 – M (Enfant Terrible)

Our 21st set is from M, known for his label Enfant Terrible and Intergalactic FM show – Radio Resistencia. The mix features unreleased archive tracks from the Enfant Terrible label vaults from 2003 up to 2015 – minimal synth, EBM , aswell as more experimental IDM tracks […]

In Disarray 020 - Jaime

In Disarray 020 – Jaime (Diagonal Records)

For our 20th episode we have a mix from Diagonal Records co-owner Jaime Williams, piecing together tracks from Frankie Bones and DAF to Robert Hood and Tessela. Enjoy. Tracklist: RHYTHMATIC / DEMONS [NETWORK] DVUS / THE LAST E (AXE ON E MIX) [MOVING SHADOW] TRONIK HOUSE […]

In Disarray 019 - Black Seed

In Disarray 019 – Black Seed

We welcome Black Seed to our podcast, whose raw industrial sound first came to our attention via his EPs for Details Sound. His mix here is testament to a love of mechanical rhythms and sinister sequences. Links: Follow us –>

In Disarray 017 - James Donadio

In Disarray 017 – James Donadio

We welcome James Donadio to our podcast. The Cleveland based artist’s PROSTITUTES project has found favor with some of our favorite labels of recent times Diagonal Records and Contort Yourself.  Forthcoming he has an LP out on Spectrum Spools called “Ghost Detergent” and an EP on CGI […]

In Disarray 016 - Fallbeil

In Disarray 016 – Fallbeil

We welcome Fallbeil to our podcast for our 16th episode. The Hamburg duo’s rugged electro releases on labels like New York Haunted and Contort Yourself, as well as their own edit series, have garnered them much deserved attention in recent months. Tracklist TBA. Links: […]

In Disarray 015 - EVOL

In Disarray 015 – EVOL

This week we welcome EVOL to our podcast, known for their rave inspired experimentations on Mego, Diagonal Records, as well as their own ALKU imprint among many others. Their mix for us here is fast-paced and unrelenting techno from the vaults. Forthcoming: They have a […]

In Disarray 014 - TWINS

In Disarray 014 – TWINS

For this, our 14th podcast we welcome CGI Records’ TWINS (That Which Is Not Said). Here the Atlanta based artist delves deep in to his collection with a track list that spans over 30 years with artists from Severed Heads to In Aeternam Vale. Links […]

In Disarray 013 - Carl Clandestine

In Disarray 013 – Carl Clandestine

For our 13th mix we welcome Carl Clan Destine, the boss of the Glasgow based Clan Destine Records. Got  a lot of love for this label, one of the best modern industrial labels around. You can find most of their releases to buy here : Tracklist: […]

In Disarray 012 - LFDM

In Disarray 012 – L/F/D/M

We welcome L/F/D/M this week, one half of Bronze Teeth and the Green Gums project on Powell’s Diagonal imprint.   Here he supplies us with an industrial sludged out selection ahead of a huge amount of releases this year, including an ep called Crocodiles In The Ceiling coming soon […]

In Disarray 011 - Mark Forshaw

In Disarray 011 – Mark Forshaw

We welcome Mark Forshaw for our 11th podcast. He has garnered respect over the last few years with uncompromising releases on Berceuse Heroique, Tabernacle Records, III Rivers, Mathematics Recordings, and his Phantom Planet Outlaws project (with Binny and John Heckle).  His set here is something a bit different from the usual […]

In Disarray 010 - Borai

In Disarray 010 – Borai

Our tenth podcast is from Borai, a longtime contributor to the Bristol scene whose releases on Apple Pips, Tasteful Nudes and Hotline Recordings have recently brought long over due recognition to the DJ / producer whose modern take on house and techno is evident of a past […]

In Disarray 009 - Chrononautz

In Disarray 009 – Chrononautz

This week we welcome Leeds based Chrononautz. Residents at Sect, and with releases on The Quietus Phonographic Corporation and One Eyed Jacks, their take on techno lurks at the fringes of the genre – noisy soundscapes, off kilter drum programming and general sonic weirdness – it seems to […]

In Disarray 008 - Russell E L Butler

In Disarray 008 – Russell E L Butler

We welcome Russell Ellington Langston Butler to the controls for our first podcast of the year. Just under and hour of saturated drums, acid and step sequenced techno from the Opal Tapes artist. Forthcoming Releases: Two releases on the horizon in early 2016 – the first is […]

In Disarray 006 - Photonz

In Disarray 006 – Photonz

For our penultimate podcast this year, we present Photonz, the London-based Portuguese DJ and producer and One Eyed Jacks label owner, with a mix of acid goodness. With and EP on the mighty Crème Organization this year, a recent remix for Legowelt on Unknown To The Unknown and forthcoming releases on […]

In Disarray 005 - Golden Cabinet

In Disarray 005 – Golden Cabinet

We welcome Golden Cabinet to our podcast – party throwers from Northern England and purveyors of the finest drone, electronica, noise-rock and off kilter techno. Inviting the likes of Perc, Vessel, Vatican Shadow, Powell, Lakker and the like to their base in the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley. […]

In Disarray 004 - WorkerParasite

In Disarray 004 – Worker/Parasite

Our fourth podcast comes from one of our favorite producers at the moment Worker/Parasite, the Oakland based, lo-fi loving acid aficionado, who caught our eye with releases on Opal Tapes and the like. Most recently with the mighty Depth Charge on Classicworks and with forthcoming projects include a […]


In Disarray 003 – Cute Heels

For our third podcast we are proud to present Cute Heels. We’ve been fans of his productions since hearing his 80s influenced industrial synth sequences on Dark Entries a couple of years ago. His mix here is heavy on slow techno burners, step sequenced bass lines, and EBM , […]


In Disarray 002 – Dez Williams

For our second podcast we are proud to present Dez Williams, a phenomenal producer who’s had over 13 years of raw electro and techno releases from his isolated Welsh studio. More recently these have seen light on Earwiggle, Bedouin Records and his own Elektronik Religion label and with forthcoming releases on […]


In Disarray 001 – Trenton Chase (June)

For our first podcast we are proud to present Trenton Chase, co-owner of June Records and serial killer namesake. Known for his modern jacking analogue work outs and with a forthcoming new band project with June – Manie Sans Délire – his mix here reflects this and his […]