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In Disarray 039 – Santoine

We welcome Santoine to, co-owner/founder at Abyssal with releases on various cassette labels such as Night Gaunt Recordings straight from L.A. and Tenebrous Music, who’s DJ-sets are mainly focused on a larger side of punk, wave, techno and house. Upcoming releases: Tenebrous Music—Inner-Turmoil—Invenire […]

In Disarray 038 – Dmitry Distant

We welcome Dmitry Distant to In Disarray. The Latvian artist has developed a reputation for heavy acid, machine funk and electro with releases on Minimum Syndicat, Bass Agenda Recordings, Crimes Of The Future, New York Haunted and more and with a forthcoming release on Helena […]

In Disarray 037 – Jann

We welcome Jann to In Disarray. Co-founder of the Basement Tales nights in Bordeaux and Paris and member of the 75021 collective, his music has been released on Pinkman Records, Land Of Dance Records and with more in the pipeline… his set for us here […]

In Disarray 036 – Morah

We welcome Morah to In Disarray. The Athen’s based DJ, party-thrower and producer with releases on Helena Hauff’s Return To Disorder label, Berceuse Heroique, Lux Rec and Vanila. He also runs the influential Phormix platform in Athens – a party, an impressive podcast series to […]

In Disarray 035 – brokntoys

We welcome brokntoys for our 35th Podcast…. Run by founders Kris, Anwar & Athene, Brokntoys has grown into a much loved electro label putting out records by Marco Bernardi, London Modular Alliance, Versalife, Scape One and more. This year will see the birth of eidetic a […]

In Disarray 033 – Rolande Garros (tape only mix)

We welcome the Co-owner of MMODEMM, Frankfurt based – Rolande Garros. The set is a tape only mix, made with 2 tape decks, delay and looper. It features a lot of MMODEMM tracks aswell as others from contemporary tape labels, such as Where to now, THRHNDRDSVNTNN, […]

In Disarray 032 – Konx-om-Pax

We welcome Tom Scholefield aka Konx-Om-Pax to In Disarray. His emotive album Caramel on Planet-Mu stood out for us as one of the best albums in 2016. 1. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Dark Slumber 2. Special Request – Transmission 3. Ryan James Ford – Kirra Rengo […]

In Disarray 031 – Da GobliNN

For our 31st podcast we welcome Da GobliNN – over an hour of fist pumping, grubby acid and analogue techno from the Clan Destine Records artist. Tracklist: 1 Fango- Cortex 2 Da GobliNn-Da Magik(original) 3 TRP-Balance 4 Da GobliNN- Gin&Da juice 5 DAJB-1220Allstars Vo.3,Odd Stew […]