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Simon Pomery found a home this year on Diagonal, a suitable fit for his intense live-drummed electronic onslaughts that go beyond the confines of dancefloor electronica. For this, our Yuletide edition, we welcome Blood Music for a belter of a mix and his highlights of 2015.

It’s basically Christmas now, and socially acceptable for a limited time only to be drunk off sherry 24/7 so gather the whole family around the wireless and enjoy Blood Music’s Stocking Killer Mix.

Here are his personal highlights of 2015:

Beginning the year in Medway, Kent.
Playing the Diagonal Showcase, Berlin Atonal.
Listening to Evol in a tower at Lizard Lighthouse, my ear pressed to a spy hole on the top
floor as the sound spiralled up.
Jim O’Rourke vortex.
Southend Pier.
Redell Olson and Will Montgomery at POLYply, The Cello Factory.
The Luc Tuymans curation at Parasol and my students’ textual responses to it.
Finding Andre Migot’s Tibetan Marches in a book shop in Rhos-on-Sea.
Maja Jantar and Steven Fowler in shamanic bearsuit-wearing mode at St John’s at Bethnal
The Prisoner.
Southend Combat Academy.
Careless Marsbar.
The fried food of Naples.
Willow (our Labradoodle).
Winning all axe/knife/throwing card/digital clay pigeon shooting competitions at my
future brother-in-law’s Bambi (which is like a Stag but for 4 blokes).
My sister’s marriage.
I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing By Women (Les Figues Press).
Swimming in the Offensee, Austria.
Holding a slow worm in my hand.
The Pro Mark SD5.
The music of Steely Dan (Rudy, you were very high).
Ending the year in Paglesham, I think. It’s been a sea-heavy year.

Stocking Killer track list:
1. Maja Jantar and Esther Venrooy – Deep Red (N/A)
2. Dungeon Acid – Tiger Claw (Börft Records)
3. Frederick Seidel – Drinking in the Daytime (N/A)
4. An-i – Mutter (Cititrax)
5. Borbetomagus (Live at Tusk Festival)
6. Soichi Terada and Shinichiro Yokota – Do It Again (Hhatri)
7. MPIA3 – Acid Badger (R & S Records)
8. Wolf Eyes – Rationed Riot (Sub Pop)
8. Spectres – This Purgatory ([Blood Music mix] Howling Owl Records)
9. Russell Haswell – Confirmation of Our Worst Fears (Dommune HDJ, Diagonal)
10. Dave Saved – 4 (N/A)
11. Jlin – I Am the Queen (Planet Mu)
12. Farmer’s Manual – Biomagic I (Mego)
13. Pan Sonic – live Berlin (N/A)
14. Powell – Underground Rock and Roll (N/A)
15. Earth – Like Gold and Faceted (Sub Pop)
16. Redell Olson – An Investment is Covering (N/A)
17. Russell Haswell – Gas Attack ([DJ Stingray mix] Diagonal)
18. Les Rallizes Dénudés – People Can Choose (Phoenix Records)
19. Yu Miyashita – The Silent Pulse (Stray Landings Recordings)
20. Marginal Consort – ‘D’ (Pan)
21. Dale Cornish – Ulex Pattern 5 (Entr’acte)
22. Forward Strategy Group – Code#01 [Donor/Truss remix] Perc Trax)
23. Full Badger – Mama’s Floury Baps (N/A)
24. Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (Dekmantel)
25. Will Montgomery and Manfred Werder – The crystal at the lips (Organized Music)
25. Holly Pester and Emma Bennett – Live at Camaradefest
26. The Prisoner


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