In Disarray 035 – brokntoys

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We welcome brokntoys for our 35th Podcast….

Run by founders Kris, Anwar & Athene, Brokntoys has grown into a much loved electro label putting out records by Marco Bernardi, London Modular Alliance, Versalife, Scape One and more. This year will see the birth of eidetic a sublabel with a focus on 4/4 material. The first 2 releases will be by Exhausted Modern AKA Layup from Endless Illusion and Kovyazin D & Moralez, the next brokntoys will be by Vertical67. Kris & Athene also run Subapical which explores harsher, mechanical beats and Anwar Discos del Quebranto to celebrate the current stream of mutant, deranged music.

Coming up you can catch Athene DJing at ://about blank and Dr Seltsam in Berlin and Leipzig on 12th and 13th May.  Kris is one of the residents at Digital Tsunami and he is playing on the 25th of March at the Waiting Room and at the DT Camp summit

About the mix, in their own words…..
Besides the CD demise and their announced swan song, mixes have only seen a renaissance thanks to cassettes, online radio and well curated podcast series. Their short life reminds of day blooms that will disappear by the time you wake up next day but often provide a most welcome compass to the prevailing online saturation.
The mix consists of 3 parts, touching on our different interests, the pensive downtempo, the more experimental, the clubbier and the headier.
The new and unreleased mixed up with the old and hidden in plain sight.
The label only started as an extension of our compulsive record collecting and it’s a good picture of some of our influences and inspirations.


Alex Barnett – Dissociative Drift [Midwich]
Flaty [Gost Zvuk]
Dead Fader [Touchin’ Bass]
Ulusoy – Artemisa [Robodust]
ARIISK – Radio Thorn PPL [Scrapes]
They Live – Mr Spalding’s Neighbourhood [Exit]
Miles – Plutocracy [Modern Love]

Forest Drive West – Show Them [Ytivil Dnous]
Bill Stacy – Stage 12 [Prophet Italy]
SC-164 – Adjusted Sense [Subapical]
Savage Grounds – The Comfort Of Agony [Lux Rec]
Ekman – Track 4 [Bedouin UAE]
Pascal Hetzel – Extra Terra [Expansion Unit]

X-Funk – Breaking out [Soma]
Ian Martin – Wave Becomes Wings [Bio Rhythm]
Exhausted Modern- Attain Ataraxia [Eidetic]
Plant43 – Gathering Storms [Shipwrec]
Silicon Scally – Hertz Us [SCSI-AV]
KAN3DA – Petri Growth [Stilleben]


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