In Disarray 040 - ANFS

In Disarray 040 – ANFS

We welcome Athens based ANFS (Modal Analysis, Vanila) For a mix of “edits from old and new tracks, plus upcoming material from Vanila and Kafta, played in a slow pace, trying to recreate the industrial boogie feeling, that sometimes Athens gives you throught the night”.¬†One […]

In Disarray 039 - Santoine

In Disarray 039 – Santoine

We welcome Santoine to, co-owner/founder at Abyssal with releases on various cassette labels such as Night Gaunt Recordings straight from L.A. and Tenebrous Music, who’s DJ-sets are mainly focused on a larger side of punk, wave, techno and house. Upcoming releases: Tenebrous Music—Inner-Turmoil—Invenire […]

In Disarray 038 - Dmitry Distant

In Disarray 038 – Dmitry Distant

We welcome Dmitry Distant to In Disarray. The Latvian artist has developed a reputation for heavy acid, machine funk and electro with releases on Minimum Syndicat, Bass Agenda Recordings, Crimes Of The Future, New York Haunted and more and with a forthcoming release on Helena […]

In Disarray 037 - Jann

In Disarray 037 – Jann

We welcome Jann to In Disarray. Co-founder of the Basement Tales nights in Bordeaux and Paris and member of the 75021 collective, his music has been released on Pinkman Records, Land Of Dance Records and with more in the pipeline… his set for us here […]