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In Disarray 031 – Da GobliNN

For our 31st podcast we welcome Da GobliNN – over an hour of fist pumping, grubby acid and analogue techno from the Clan Destine Records artist. Tracklist: 1 Fango- Cortex 2 Da GobliNn-Da Magik(original) 3 TRP-Balance 4 Da GobliNN- Gin&Da juice 5 DAJB-1220Allstars Vo.3,Odd Stew […]

In Disarray 013 – Carl Clandestine

For our 13th mix we welcome Carl Clan Destine, the boss of the Glasgow based Clan Destine Records. Got  a lot of love for this label, one of the best modern industrial labels around. You can find most of their releases to buy here : Tracklist: […]